Атлас планет земной группы и их спутников

Atlas of the earth-type planets and their satellites 

In other translations: Atlas of terrestrial planets and their moons, MIIGAiK.

1992 Moscow

The Atlas included more than 70 maps and map-diagrams and it was the first attempt to present the existing information in the comparative planetological aspect.

The works for the Atlas had been started in 1980, and it was finished by 1990. Preparation for  publishing took 2 additional years.

The preparation can be divided to  several parts.In the first part students has made maps as diploma works. It was followed by  corrections, and then the same maps has been prepared by 2-3 professional cartographers from the Graphics Department. Kira Shingareva preapred the a mockup. In the next stage scientists in their fields were asked for writing the appropriate accompanying texts (the text were mostly written by K. B. Sh.).

A speciality of the Atlas is its Map of Mars: Bugaevksy made the Phobos map projection of 3-axial ellipsoid. It was for the 1st time, for this atlas, that such projection has been developed.



The whole atlas has been converted into an online atlas, which is available at http://www.planetmaps.ru/ru/projects/onlineatlas

Mockups (manuscripts) of the atlas (1980s), Moscow.


Editors of the Atlas


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