Chinese Chang’E-1 Globe of the Moon

Diameter: 20 cm, 32 cm, 106 cm
Scale: 1:17,000,000
Dual colored shaded relief globe with albedo markings.

Published by Chian (Beijing) Boom Cartographic Products Co Ltd
Made by: National Astronomical Observatories, Suveying and Mapping Press
Consultants: Ouyang Ziyuan, Yan Jun, Liu Xiaoqun.
Chief editor: Li Chunlai
Deputy chief editors: Liu Jianjun, Mu Lingli
Translators: Zhang Zhoubin, Li Chunlai
Responsible editor: Yang Yougen
Date: 2010.
Languages: Latin, Chinese
Note: Chinese names are highlighted by red color.
ISBN 9787503020380/K.214

ChunLai Li, JianJun Liu, Xin Ren, LingLi Mou, YongLiao Zou, HongBo Zhang, Chang Lü, JianZhong Liu, Wei Zuo and Yan Su, et al.: The global image of the Moon obtained by the Chang’E-1: Data processing and lunar cartography  SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences Volume 53, Number 8, 1091-1102, Chang’E-1 lunar mission: an overview and primary science results

Awars: First prize in Globe category at ICC2011.

Reference: A New Mapping Method for the Moon With the Chang’E-1 Data” by Lingli Mu, Chunlai Li , Jianjun Liu, Xin Ren, and Xiaoduan Zou.  (ICC2013 Dresden)

20 cm edition


32 cm edition

Combined orthophoto and DEM globe of the Moon, of the Chinese Chang’E -1 probe




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