Dopplemeyer’s double Map of the Moon

Publication Date: 1707?/1730/42?
Based on: the map of the Moon by Hevelius and Riccioli (slightly changed nomenclature)
Place of Publishing: Nurenberge
Language of nomenclature: Latin
Author: Doppelmayr, Johann Gabriel, 1742, Atlas Coelestis.
Published in Plate 11 of “Atlas coelestis in quo mundus spectabilis et in eodem stellarum omnium phoenomena notabilia… secundum Nic. Copernici et ex parte Tychonis de Brahehipothesin. Nostri intuitu, specialiter, respectu vero ad apparentias planetarum indagatu possibiles e planetis primariis, et e luna habito, generaliter eceleberrimorum astronomorum observationibus graphice de scripta exhibentur a Joh. Gabriele Doppelmaiero…”

Publisher: Johann Baptiste Homann
Hand colored
Map title: Tabula Selenographica in qua Lunarium Macularum exacta Descriptio secundum Nomenclaturam … Hevelii quam Riccioli

Size: 22.5 x 19 inches

Nomenclature: Two different nomenclature and visual depiction, after the two competing sources (Hevelius and Riccioli-Grimaldi), not consistent with each other

1707 edition (hand colored)

Atlas Coelestis (1742) Plate 11. According to this source, “this plate was first published in Homann’s Neuer Atlas (1707) and reprinted in his Atlas von hundert Charten (1712) and in his Grossen Atlas (1716).”



Double nomenclature,  LeMonnier Institutions Astronomiques 1746


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