Atlas of the Galilean Satellites

Author: Paul Schenk
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date: August 2010
795 colour illustration
406 pages
Ordering information
More information and errata


The Atlas includes:

– 404 pages, featuring all Voyager and Galileo imagery
– Introductory text
Discovery and Importance of Galilean Satellites
Guide to acquisition and processing of images
Geologic Background
– Global color maps & hemispheric views of each satellite
– Full resolution maps (Quadrangles) of each satellite
(15 equal-area maps each, in color for Io & Europa)
– 250+ High-resolution Plates down to 6 meter resolution
(many on Io and Europa in color)
– Io hotspot and Volcano change maps
– Selected infrared compositional maps
– Selected high-resolution perspective views
– Appendices:
Data Tables:  Satellite Properties & Spacecraft Encounters
Supplemental Reading recommendations
Gazetteer of feature names
Glossary of terms
Index maps locating all high-resolution mosaics


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