Globus Luny (1970)

The globe was made using Luna and Zond  images.

The globe is exhibited at the Memorial Museum of Astronautics in Moscow.


The far side contains ambiguous formations as well as two names that has not neen approved by IAU for these features: Kondratiuk (probably not existing as a landform) and Kibalchich (now named Herzsprung).  Mykola Kondratiuk and Yuri Kondratiuk (1900-1942 or 1897-1942 in the WGPSN Gazetteer) were early, Ukranian-born pioneers of rocketry. The name “Kondratyuk” was approved in 1970 for another, 97 km diameter crater at -15, 115E; Kibal’chich was also approved in 1970, also for another, 91 km crater at +2, -147.


Photo credit: H Hargitai


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