Langrenus’ map of the Moon (1645)

Publication Date: 1645
Cartographer: Michael van Langern (Langrenus)
Source: Plenilunii lumina Austriaca Philippica. [By] Michael Florentius van Langren. Copper engraving, 490 x 380 mm, diameter 340 mm. [Brussel 1645.]
Map type: Shade relief (from crescent moon observations) + albedo (from full moon observations) with nomenclature
Size: 34 cm diameter



39×50 cm, engraving in copper.
Dutch version. Leiden Universiteitsbibliotheek.



Latin version: Bibliotheque National, Paris, Crawford Library, Edinburgh, San Fernando Library of the Observatory.
Without marginal text: Bibliotheque National et Universitaire, Strassburg


37,5×35 cm, copy of drawing, colored: terra=yellow, mare=light blue, craters=dark blue, background=light blue.
Algemee Rijksarchief, Brüssel, Karten-und Planabteilung , Inventar 7911.
Text: “Chaque montagne et isle aura le nom de quelque personne se nomme en cet art et profession de toutes Nations lesquelles il a besoin en ses observations astronomiques et geographiques.”




The Brussels copy, hand colored by EA Whitaker


The Strassbourg copy. Courtesy EA Whitaker. It is a “counterfeit map” copied from the original with some names mis-spelled or missing (Whitaker p. 40).

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