Mars maps from Mars-5 images (1980)

Soviet Mars probes were not a success story. Mars 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was sentout but Mars-1 was too far from Mars with no useful information, 2 and 3 became Mars satellites but only gave limb images, no surface photos. Mars-4 had 20 low resolution (1 km/px) images. The most succesful probe was Mars 5 oribiting around Mars, which gave about 100 images in ~100 m/px resolution, so  it was possible to make maps using those images. These maps were made in TSNIIKAiK (Central Institute for Geodesy and Cartography).


Karta Utsastka Poverhnosti Marsa
Moskva 1980
1:500 000
using Mars-5 images
centered 40E 35S



Karta Utsastka Marsa
1:5 000 000
TSIIGAiK GUGK 1976 (1977)
Ed. Yu S Tyufmin, N.D. Krestnikova

usgs_flagstaff_map_collection_12Karta Utsastka Marsa –  Annotated edition, with English translations
Map above provided courtesy of the USGS Flagstaff Library.



Karta Utsastka Poverhnosti Marsa
1:500 000
GUGK 1980
Mars-5 images
Ed. Yu S Tyuflin
Ed techn. N.D. Krestinkova


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