Topographic Image Maps of Mars (ESA-Berlin)

The 200k series

Name: Topographic Image Map Mars 1:200,000

Based on: HRSC data

Standard procedure: “the Martian surface is covered in 10,372 individual sheets in equal-area projections:

  • Sinusoidal Projection for latitudes between 85° north and south and
  • Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area Projection around the poles.

While all map sheets cover 2° in latitude, the longitude extent increases from 2° in the equatorial zone towards 360° at the poles.

More Information


The 400k series

Name: Topographic Image Map Mars 1:400,000


Title: Topographic Image Map Mars, Sabrina Vallis Region
Map number: M400k 11.50N/312.00E OMKT
Map editors: Technische Universität Berlin (Albertz, J), German Aerospace center (DLR) (Jaumann, R), Freie Universität Berlin, Inst. of Geosciences (Neukum G)
Language of nomenclature: Latin
Language of explanations: English
Map type: Orthophotomap with contour lines
Scale: 1: 400 000
Projection: Sinusoidal Planetocentric
Publisher: Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Publication Place: Berlin, Germany
Publication Date: 2007
Features: planetocentric and planetographic grid; HRSC DTM 0,05 km/pixel; crated data




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