Niesten’s Globe of Mars (1892)

Globe of Mars by Belgian Astronomer Louis Niesten.
Publisher: J. Lebeque & Co, Brusells, Belgium.
Dimensions: 22cm x 10cm.
Cartouche: GLOBE DE MARS dressé PAR L NIESTEN d’après les observations faites À BRUXELLES & A MILAN NOMENCLATURE SCHIAPARELLI NOMENCLATURE GREEN J. Lebèque & C.° Bruxelles
Observations were done in Brussels and Milan
Nomenclature: based on Schiaparelli’s and Green’s nomenclature (Schiaparelli’s names are shown in black, Green’s in red letters)
Orientation: South is up.
Copies: Science Museum (London); Museo La Specola (Padua); National Museum of American History (Washington)


More images here. 

Reproductions by Keith Boulger here


Segments of the globe
Historical Globes of the Red Planet
Belgium Mars globe, 1892


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