Photomap of the visible side of the Moon (1967)

Фотокарта видимого полушария.СССР, Ю. Н. Липский, М., «Наука», 1967.

Fotokarta Vidimogo Polusariya Luny
Nauka, Moskva, 1967.
1:5 000 000
Yu. N. Lipskiy
Sternberg State Astronomical Institute

„Gerard Kuiper took two Lick Observatory photographs to Moscow, where a group of military cartographers workig under Lev Bugaevsky combined them with other images to create this photomap. Professor Yurii N. Lipsky and collegues at several institutes in Moscow also contributed to this and other lunar maps including the first farside maps.” (Stooke 2007:4) „Using materials from imaging from the Earth, a photomap of the visible hemisphere of the Moon was compiled 1:5M and also a map of the equatorial zone 1:10M.” (Rodionova 1991).

It was used for landing site selection of Luna spacecrafts.






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