Globe of Pluto (2015)

The globe was produced by Keith Boulger

Cartographer of the base map: Noah Saunders

The map is based on NASA’s New Horizon’s LORRI images

Exhibited at the Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ.

Date: July 2015 (!), using the first close-up images of New Horizons.

About the base maps:  The maps were made by projecting New Horizons images onto a sphere, and then unwrapping them into a new cylindrical projection map from it. The cylindrical bits were assembled together into a single map with some brightness and colour corrections for a smooth merge of the parts.

Softwares used: Blender 3D and GIMP.


More images here

Charon map also by Noah Saunders here.



The Lowell Observer 2015/105


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