Franz’s Contour Map of the Moon (1899)

Franz, J., (1899). Die Figur des Mondes, Astron. Beobachtungen, Königsberg, Bd.38



Niveaukarte des Mondes nach J. Franz, Breslau.

In: M. W. Meyer: Der Mond, Unsere Nachbarweld. Stuttgart, Kosmos, Gesellschaft der Naturfreunde. p67., 1909




“The first contour map of the Moon was constructed by Franz (1899) Just before the turn of the century. He employed only 55 points, a number not too low when sufficiently accurate, or when expectations are not exceeding the possibilities. He worked with linear interpolation between the known points, a rather poor technique for the present and in this particular case.” C.L. Goudas: A contour map of the Moon. Oct 1964. Mathematical Note No, 369 Mathematics Research Laboratory, BOEING SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH LABORATORIES.


Hungarian edition:

In: Scheiner: Népszerű asztrofizika.
K.M. Természettudományi Társulat, Budapest, 1916.
From Magyar Csillagászati Egyesület’s Library, Budapest




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