Carving Out the Face of the Moon

A relief map of a portion of the Moon / Artist’s book 

Author: Jamie Molaro

Material: PhD Thesis



The author’s comments: “This book is my PhD thesis, which focuses on the breakdown of boulders on the Moon due to diurnal thermally induced stresses, one of many processes that modifies and evolves the Moon’s landscape over time. Lunar topography data is carved into the book’s surface, juxtaposing the science behind this process with the beauty of the landscape it helps to produce. The pages of the thesis also reveal the scientific process, juxtaposing the creation of knowledge with the creation of art. This is the art of science”

Exhibited: DPS/EPSC 2016, Pasadena

Technique: This work was produced with an electronic die-cutting machine that cut each page individually, following the contour lines derived from the digital terrain model data of the LOLA instrument.





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