Maunder’s test map of Mars (1903)

Drawn by: Edward Walter Maunder

Evans, J. E. & Maunder, E. W.: Experiments as to the actuality of the “Canals” observed on Mars. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 63, p.488-499. June 1903

This experiment was to test the real existence of canals on Mars.

“Drawing 6*25 inches based upon one by Professor Schiaparelli made 1890 May 16 {La Planète Meurs, p. 474). In this experiment none of the canals shown by Professor Schiaparelli were inserted, but a number of small irregular markings were inserted at haphazard.”




Source: Zerinváry Szilárd: A Naprendszer élete. Művelt Nép Könyvkiadó, 1953, Budapest, p 186. Caption: “Maunder’s experiment. Students copied the drawing above from a distance and drew the maps below”



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