Ghirardi-Pasco-Verger Geomorphological Map of the Mars

Authors: Raymond Ghirardi, Xavier Pasco, Isabelle Surbès Verger



  • Atlas de géographie de l’espace 1997, 1999
  • L’espace, nouveau territoire Atlas des satellites et des politiques spatiales. Belin, 2002
  • The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Space: Missions, Applications and Exploration. Cambridge University Press, 2003



2 thoughts on “Ghirardi-Pasco-Verger Geomorphological Map of the Mars

  1. Very comendable work. This info will nicely star in the first museum of history, of the first out_of_Earth settlement. I have two recomendations:
    1. A children section could be made (less details, more color and maybe interactive)
    2. 3D printables (without infringing on any copyrights)


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