Children’s map of Pluto and Charon


Illustrator: Adrienn Gyöngyösi

Main text written by Ross Beyer.

Editor Henrik Hargitai

Publisher: ELTE University, Budapest

Date: 2016


Tactile maps of Solar System bodies


Coordinator: C. Runyon
Reference: C. Runyon, D Hurd, C Hall, M Williams, K Quinn, J Matelock: Visualizing space science: touching to see and understand. 


NASA: Understanding small bodies in the Solar System
NASA: Touch the spectrum
NASA: Ocean worlds: the Lure of the Solar System


At LPSC 2016, from left to right: Dr. Joe Minafra, NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Insitute (SSERVI) at NASA Ames; Dr. Cassandra Runyon – College of Charleston; Dr. Dan Britt – University of Central Florida / PI for the CLASS Team (Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science)