Early maps of Mercury

A summary of Mercury mapping, early drawings reprojected uniformly into Mollweide projection. The last map is based on photographic studies in 1942-1948.


(Note: This caption wronly identifies Venus as the mapped object. It is Mercury).


1942-1948 Dollfus, A
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Source: Dollfus, A. 1953 Observation visuelle et photographique des planètes Mercure et Vénus à l’Observatoire du Pic du Midi. L’Astronomie, Vol. 67, p.61



Barabashev’s drawing of Mars


Reproduced in Kulin-Zerinváry: A távcső világa. Budapest, 1958.

Courtesy of I. Almar


” In the 1920-1926 yrs. with the help of a 270-millimeter reflector NP Barabashov conducted a large number of visual observations of Mars in different spectral ranges, the result of which was the compilation of a map of the planet’s surface.” (Wikipedia, Russian version)


Pic du Midi drawings and map of Mercury

Upper row: 1942, Lyot – 25 drawings, 36 inch refractor, 300-500x magnification.

Lower row: 1950, A Dollfus, 60-inch refractor, 750-900x magnification


Lyot and Camichel, 1942:  Map from 12 composites. 23 markings were measured.

Source: A. Dollfus: Visual and photographic studies off planets at the Pic du Midi. In: Planets and Satellites, GP Kuiper and B Middlehurst, eds. Chicago Univ Press 543-571.