Clark R. Chapman’s maps of Mars



The Strolling Astronomer, 1961 (1-2)

Drawing, made with a 10-inch reflector, 1960.




Chapman’s 1960-61 map of Mars.  Photo source

“The map of Mars was constructed by Clark R. Chapman and based on 60 of his drawings during the 1960-61 apparition of Mars. The drawings were made primarily with his 10-inch reflector between 11-May 19, 1960, and May .., 1961. The positions on the map are based on positions measured from JJ of Mr. Chapman’s drawings. It is placed on a Mercator projection”.

Literature: The Strolling Astronomer, 1962(7-8), p. 168.





Rand McNally’s Official Maps of the Moon (1958-)

The 1958 edition includes the Physiographic division of the Moon that was published only in 1961. Background: ACIC.


1958 edition, printed in Japan


1969 edition


Far side of the Moon: M 1:5.5M. Shaded relief aibrush map, based on Lunar Orbiter I-V images.  1969


Apollo landing sites 1969

Generalized Photogeologic Map of the Moon (1961)

Hackman, Robert J. (research and compilation)

Modified 1961 Engineer Special Study of the Surface of the Moon

Greyscale units, linework

1:9M (approx), originally compiled at 1:3.8M

Prepared for the Office of the Chief of Engineers by the U.S. Geological Survey, as part of a joint program with the Army Map Service

Source: AC Mason, RJ Hackman, Photogeologic study of the Moon. In: Kopal Z, Mikhailov ZK, 1962 eds: The Moon. Academic Press. London and New York. Large size supplement to the book.