Map of Mars showing channels and possible paleolake basins (1995)



D.H. Scott, J.M. Dohm, and J. W. Rice Jr. 1995  Map of Mars showing channels and possible paleolake basins. IMAP 2461. USGS.


Der Mars / The Planet Mars

Interpretative Analysis of the Relief of the Surface of Mars
Relief genesis, relief dynamics, relief division
Author: H-P Jöns
Technische Universität Clausthal-Zekkerfekd
Printed with support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinscgaft
Cartography and Printing: Litographisches Institut
Berlin 1991


Map provided courtesy of the USGS Flagstaff Library.

Rükl’s Moon Map (1999)

Title: Mesíc The Moon Der Mond
Author: Antonín Rükl
Language of nomenclature: Latin
Language of explanations: Czech, English, German
Publication Date: 1999
Publication Place: Brno, Praha
Publisher: ZES Brno; Planetarium Praha
Scale: 1:6 900 000 (nearside), 1:24 000 000 (nearside and farside hemispheres)
Projection: Orthographic (nearside), Lambert equal-area (hemispheres)
ISBN 89-56565-66-2, ISBN 80-86017-21-4

MIIGAiK’s Map of Venus (1992)

Source: Bugaevsky L.M., Shingareva K.B., Krasnopevtseva B.V et al. Atlas Planet Zemnoi Gruppy i ih Sputnikov («Атлас планет земной группы и их спутников».). MIIGAiK, 1992. Moscow
Scale: 1:35 000 000
Note: This is a hypsometric map. The Atlas contains several additional thematic maps of Venus
The online version of the Atlas is available at



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