Der Mars / The Planet Mars

Interpretative Analysis of the Relief of the Surface of Mars
Relief genesis, relief dynamics, relief division
Author: H-P Jöns
Technische Universität Clausthal-Zekkerfekd
Printed with support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinscgaft
Cartography and Printing: Litographisches Institut
Berlin 1991


Map provided courtesy of the USGS Flagstaff Library.

Rükl’s Moon Map (1999)

Title: Mesíc The Moon Der Mond
Author: Antonín Rükl
Language of nomenclature: Latin
Language of explanations: Czech, English, German
Publication Date: 1999
Publication Place: Brno, Praha
Publisher: ZES Brno; Planetarium Praha
Scale: 1:6 900 000 (nearside), 1:24 000 000 (nearside and farside hemispheres)
Projection: Orthographic (nearside), Lambert equal-area (hemispheres)
ISBN 89-56565-66-2, ISBN 80-86017-21-4

MIIGAiK’s Map of Venus (1992)

Source: Bugaevsky L.M., Shingareva K.B., Krasnopevtseva B.V et al. Atlas Planet Zemnoi Gruppy i ih Sputnikov («Атлас планет земной группы и их спутников».). MIIGAiK, 1992. Moscow
Scale: 1:35 000 000
Note: This is a hypsometric map. The Atlas contains several additional thematic maps of Venus
The online version of the Atlas is available at



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