Donald Grant’s plastic map of the Moon


Das Weltall. Meyers Kinderbibliotek 1998 (German), Atlas of Space (First Discovery/Atlas) (English) / Atlas du ciel (French Edition) 1995


Dresden map of the Moon



Buchroithner M.F.(Dresden University of Technology), B. V. Krasnopevtseva, K. B. Shingareva, Moscow State University for Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK). Cartographers: R. Franke, R. Pässler, M. Tusche, Ch. Walter



Mackowiak, Bernhard, Astronomie. Naumann & Göbel; 1., Auflage edition

Geomorphologic Map Mars series (DLR/TU/FU Berlin)

1:300,000 Series

The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) of Mars Express and its

Editors: Albertz J, Jaumann R, Neukum G. TU Berlin, DLR, FU Berlin. 2006

Source: Gwinner et al. 2016

1:600,000 Series


ID: M 600k 34.50S/323.75E OMKG

Source:  J.Albertz, S. Gehrke, H. Lehmann, M. Wählisch : FOUR YEARS OF PLANETARY CARTOGRAPHY WITH THE HRSC

Base: Mars Express HRSC

Publisher: TU Berlin

Only one known example of this series exists.

Viking Photomap of Mars (2008)

Title: Mars Photomap
Photomosaic base map: Viking Orbiter
Map editor: Henrik Hargitai
Language of nomenclature: In separate editions: Latin / Hungarian
Language of explanations: In separate editions: English / Hungarian
Map type: Photomap
Projection: Lambert Transversal Equivalent Azimuthal Projection
First Publication Date: 2008, only electronic edition
Scale: it appears as “1:320 000 000” ; but it is 32 000 000 in fact
Publication Place: Budapest
Publisher: Eötvös Loránd University Cosmic Materials Space Research Group
ISBN HU 978-963-463-969-5
With meteorological and other data/charts/graphs


Bulgarian Edition

Hungarian Edition
English edition


Hypsometric Map of Venus (2007-11)

Author: Evgeniy Lazarev, Sternberg State Astronomical institute

For the Globe version see here:  Hypsometric Globe of Venus

Data Layers: DTM, hypsometric tints, contours, hillshade, names
Source data: Magellan radar data (SAR) 7,5×7,5 km
Software used: ArcGIS v9.2.
Reference: E Lazerev, J Rodionova:  Venus mapping at small scale: source data processing and cartographic interpretation (2011) ICC2011, Paris.
Further papers:

2008 Edition:
Centered at 0 longitude
0 m level~ R 6051,0 km


Cartographers: E. N. Lazarev, J. F. Rodionova
DTM Source: Magellan altimetry data
Publication date: 2007
Scale: 1:45 000 000



2010 Edition:
Centered at 320 longitude, slplit to “far side” and “near side” according to the recommendations of G.A. Burba.
0 m level~ R 6051,8 kmLatin-only edition

Latin-only edition



“Ginger” edition in Latin and Russian



“Violet” edition in Latin and Russian