Scott’s Apollo Moon Map (2017)

Scott, Zack Apollo Der Wettlauf zum Mond. Droemer. / Apollo: The extraordinary visual history of the iconic space programme 2017 Wildfire

Drawing of Mars and Venus for children (2013)

Published in: Gifford C 2013 Space in 30 Seconds. 30 Super-Stellar Subjects For Cosmic Kids Explained in Half a Minute. Ivy Kids.

Creators: Evans, Melvyn (illustrator), Clive Gifford (author)

These two map-like drawings show the complex surfaces of Mars and Venus, the Venus figure is exceptional in that it is based on a radar composite mosaic and it shows the tectonic faults as a tangled yarn network.

Geomorphological map of Ius Chasma, Valles Marineris, Mars


Authors about the project: “The map displays 52 main geomorphological units of which some are further subdivided. They include both well-established features (e.g. spur-and-gully morphology on trough walls, landslide scars, and deposits), and newly reported landforms (e.g. alluvial fans with dendritic channels, moraines in western Ius Chasma).”


Citation: Dębniak, K., Mège, D. and Gurgurewicz, J. 2017. Geomorphology of Ius Chasma, Valles Marineris, Mars. Journal of Maps 13 (2): 260–269.

Link to better to paper and PDF version of the maps