Controlled Color Mosaic Mars series (DRL)

Scale: 1:700k

Date: 2016

MC-11E quadrangle.

This mapping effort supports ExoMars landing site selection

Microsoft Word - 304_Schulz_go - Kopie.docx

Source: Katja Schulz: Topographische Karten der Mars-Region MC-11-E ‒ erstellt auf Basis eines HRSC-Orthofotomosaiks der Mission Mars Express, AGIT – Journal für Angewandte Geoinformatik, 3-2017. Image: HRSC (ESA/DLR/FU Berlin, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO)



Solar albedo global map of Mars from OMEGA


Filled Albedo Mars map from poster by J. Audouard, M. Vincendon, F. Poulet and B. Gondet presented on The 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Link to poster:

Map of the Moon, Swiss World Atlas (2016)


Topographic map of the Moon

Three languages in the three language variants of the Swiss World Atlas (German, French, Italian)

Projection: Lambert azimuthal equal-area projection

Scale: 1:34,117,800

Cartographer: Stephan Wondrak

Publisher: Institut für Kartografie und Geoinformation, ETH Zürich,

Atlas Editor: Lorenz Hurni