Umbrella Map of the Moon

An umbrella-printed version of the Chinese Chang’e Map of the Moon

Exhibited at ICC2015 in Brasil.



Chinese Chang’E-1 Globe of the Moon

Diameter: 20 cm, 32 cm, 106 cm
Scale: 1:17,000,000
Dual colored shaded relief globe with albedo markings.

Published by Chian (Beijing) Boom Cartographic Products Co Ltd
Made by: National Astronomical Observatories, Suveying and Mapping Press
Consultants: Ouyang Ziyuan, Yan Jun, Liu Xiaoqun.
Chief editor: Li Chunlai
Deputy chief editors: Liu Jianjun, Mu Lingli
Translators: Zhang Zhoubin, Li Chunlai
Responsible editor: Yang Yougen
Date: 2010.
Languages: Latin, Chinese
Note: Chinese names are highlighted by red color.
ISBN 9787503020380/K.214

ChunLai Li, JianJun Liu, Xin Ren, LingLi Mou, YongLiao Zou, HongBo Zhang, Chang Lü, JianZhong Liu, Wei Zuo and Yan Su, et al.: The global image of the Moon obtained by the Chang’E-1: Data processing and lunar cartography  SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences Volume 53, Number 8, 1091-1102, Chang’E-1 lunar mission: an overview and primary science results

Awars: First prize in Globe category at ICC2011.

Reference: A New Mapping Method for the Moon With the Chang’E-1 Data” by Lingli Mu, Chunlai Li , Jianjun Liu, Xin Ren, and Xiaoduan Zou.  (ICC2013 Dresden)

20 cm edition


32 cm edition

Combined orthophoto and DEM globe of the Moon, of the Chinese Chang’E -1 probe



Chang’e-1 map of the Moon

Language of nomenclature: Chinese


“BEIJING, Nov. 12 2008 (Xinhua) — Chinese scientists revealed the country’s first full map of the moon’s surface on Wednesday, more than a year after the launch of its first lunar probe, Chang’e-1. The picture of the moon surface, unveiled on Wednesday, covered the complete range of areas on the moon surface, according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, which is in charge of the country’s moon program.” Source

China publishes its first full map of the moon surface in Beijing, capital of China, Nov. 12, 2008, about a year after its first lunar probe — Chang’e-1 — was launched. (Xinhua/Li Xiaoguo)” Source

The map was donated to the National Museum for a permanent exhibition. Source

Chang’E Moon Atlas series


The Chang’E-1 Topographic Atlas of the Moon
Title Page



Sample page


Map of near side

Map of far side

Sample page from the {Chinese-Latin Gazetteer. }

Legend pages

Sample page


Sample page from the digital edition, Li et al. 2016.
Li C, Liu J, Mu L, Ren X, Zuo W 2016 The Chang’E-1 Topographic Atlas of the Moon. Springer, Heidelberg.
Photo Digital Map, with chinese nomenclature, images derived from 3L-CCD 100 m global DOM. {}

Topographic Digital Map, 500 m global DEM {}