Atlas świata / Map of the Moon (1967)

Publication: Pergamon World Atlas. Pergamon Press. P.W.N. – Poland. Polish-Scientific Publishers. Warszawa. 1968. The English, civilian version of the Polish world atlas.

Cartographer: Wojskowe Zaklady Kartograficzne / Polish Army Topography Service

Page size: 40×32

Copies: 205,000 in Polish and 37,000 in English

The Lunar map shows the far side of the Moon based on the interpretation of the first Soviet photographs and includes the infamous “Soviet Range” that was misinterpreted as a mountain.


Atlas of the Galilean Satellites

Author: Paul Schenk
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date: August 2010
795 colour illustration
406 pages
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The Atlas includes:

– 404 pages, featuring all Voyager and Galileo imagery
– Introductory text
Discovery and Importance of Galilean Satellites
Guide to acquisition and processing of images
Geologic Background
– Global color maps & hemispheric views of each satellite
– Full resolution maps (Quadrangles) of each satellite
(15 equal-area maps each, in color for Io & Europa)
– 250+ High-resolution Plates down to 6 meter resolution
(many on Io and Europa in color)
– Io hotspot and Volcano change maps
– Selected infrared compositional maps
– Selected high-resolution perspective views
– Appendices:
Data Tables:  Satellite Properties & Spacecraft Encounters
Supplemental Reading recommendations
Gazetteer of feature names
Glossary of terms
Index maps locating all high-resolution mosaics