Drawing of Mars and Venus for children (2013)

Published in: Gifford C 2013 Space in 30 Seconds. 30 Super-Stellar Subjects For Cosmic Kids Explained in Half a Minute. Ivy Kids.

Creators: Evans, Melvyn (illustrator), Clive Gifford (author)

These two map-like drawings show the complex surfaces of Mars and Venus, the Venus figure is exceptional in that it is based on a radar composite mosaic and it shows the tectonic faults as a tangled yarn network.


DSC_0033.JPG Mars Children book, illustration

DeAgostini Hemispheric Italy Outreach Drawing Art, children Painting manual drawing Mars 2016

S. Wood (illustrator) Harwood et al. 2016 Harwood J 2016 Il sistema solare. Ediz. illustrata. De Agostini. ISBN-13: 978-8851139841

“Face of Mars” map (1943)

Interpretive map of Mars showing canals and albedo markings.



Source: McLoughlin E.V., Thompson H. 1943. The Book of Knowledge: The Children’s Encyclopedia. Volume 9. p. 3291-2

Note: This series was published from the 1910s to the 1964 in the USA. This page is from the 1943 edition.  This map appeared in several editions. Based on maps of P. Lowell.

“It is suggested that these waterways convey water from the great black patches, which may be huge shallow oceans or lakes, across the sandy red deserts of Mars; or that they bring down water when the sun’s heat in summer dissolves the snow”


(c) 1943 figures and text: The Grolier Society, New York.



In later editions more details were added. (via Pinterest)