NASA Lunar Chart LPC-1


Scale 1:10M

Third edition, February 2016

Two sheets: albedo (photomosaic) and DTM (colored hillshade)

Dataset: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera photomosaic / GLD100 DTM

Publisher: ASU

Second edition, 1979

Publisher: U.S. Defense Mapping Agency


1st Edition, March 1970 

Prepared by the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center, United States Air Force, under the direction of the Department of Defense.

Price: 50 cents

Size: 26 x 38 in

LPC-1 was mosaicked from three 1:5M LMP-series charts (Lunar Earth Side, Far Side, Polar Charts).

“A special NASA edition of LPC-1 was issued in August 1970 in support of the 14th IAU General Assembly. Overprinted in purple were unofficial IAU names proposed by the IAU Lunar Nomenclature Committee. This special edition was printed in limited quantities and only file copies remain in existence.” (Source)

This edition contained the English names of major features that were removed in the next edition. It did not contain any landing sites yet. LPC-1 did not display any NASA logos.

(Images from the map collection of Stanford University)



Fun fact:  This map shown above, sold for $16,100, was signed by a member from each Apollo crew that either flew to or landed on the Moon during missions that occurred between 1969 to 1972, the last year of the manned lunar program.
To represent their lunar orbit or lunar fly-by mission, the chart has been signed and inscribed by Stafford and Haise with: “Tom Stafford, Apollo X CDR [Commander]” and “Fred Haise, Apollo 13 LMP [Lunar Module Pilot]”, along white bottom border. Lunar landing crew members have each marked their landing area then signed and inscribed with: “Buzz Aldrin, Apollo XI LMP; Alan Bean, Apollo XII LMP; Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 LMP; Dave Scott, Apollo 15 CDR; Charles M. Duke, Jr., Apollo 16 LMP”; and “Gene Cernan, Apollo 17 CDR”. (Source)


MM 71 Mars Planning Chart

Albedo maps and map with nomenclature
Based on Earth based observations 1941-58 and Mariner VI and VII oobservations.
Cartographer: James Roth under the direction of Gerard de Vaucouleurs, University of Texas, Austin, TX.
Printed by JPL 1971 for the Mariner Mars 1971 Project.

Map provided courtesy of the USGS Flagstaff Library.

Albedo maps of Lowell Observatory

Albedo features derived from Earth based International Planetary Patrol photographs selected from the collection at the Planetary Research Center of Lowell Observatory.
Published by Planetary Research Center, Lowell Observatory,
Copyright Lowell Observatory.

Maps provided courtesy of the USGS Flagstaff Library.

Mars 1969

Cartographers: JL Inge, CF Capen, LJ Martin, BQ Faure

Mars 1973

Cartography: J. L. Inge

Mars 1975-76