Clark R. Chapman’s maps of Mars



The Strolling Astronomer, 1961 (1-2)

Drawing, made with a 10-inch reflector, 1960.




Chapman’s 1960-61 map of Mars.  Photo source

“The map of Mars was constructed by Clark R. Chapman and based on 60 of his drawings during the 1960-61 apparition of Mars. The drawings were made primarily with his 10-inch reflector between 11-May 19, 1960, and May .., 1961. The positions on the map are based on positions measured from JJ of Mr. Chapman’s drawings. It is placed on a Mercator projection”.

Literature: The Strolling Astronomer, 1962(7-8), p. 168.




Karta Luny (Shishakov and Bronshten 1967)

Map of the Moon: the nearside in telescopic view. 1967  1:5M cartographer I. I. Katyaev, ed.  V. A. Bronshten  in transverse (equatorial) orthographic projection on the basis of the Photographic atlas of the Moon by Kuiper (1960) and the catalogue (Blagg and Muller 1935). Description of lunar surface compiled by Shishakov V.A. (Contributor: Zh. Rodionova)


Source of image:


Flammarion and Antoniadi’s Map of Mars (1900-1910)

1900. Courtesy of Ton Lindemann. This map is largely based on the British Astronomical Association map 1896 but includes more polar latitudes.


Same map as above from a Russian encyclopedia. Новый энциклопедический словарь.  Брокгауза и Ефрона / [под общ. ред. К. К. Арсеньева]. Petrograd. n.d. СПб, 191(?). (c. 1915) 



Antoniadi’s map 1900  reprojected onto the shaded relief map of Mars. Courtesy of Ton Lindemann.


Antoniadi & Flammarion, C: Nouvelles Observations de Mars Faites a l’Observatoire de Juvisy. Bulletin de la Societe Astronomique de France et Revue Mensuelle d’Astronomie, de Meteorologie et de Physique du Globe, vol. 15, pp.345-355  1901

One of the first polar views of Mars.