Ghirardi-Pasco-Verger Map of the Moon

Authors: Raymond Ghirardi, Xavier Pasco, Isabelle Surbès Verger


Atlas de géographie de l’espace 1997, 1999

L’espace, nouveau territoire Atlas des satellites et des politiques spatiales. Belin, 2002

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Space: Missions, Applications and Exploration. Cambridge University Press, 2003




“Face of Mars” map (1943)

Interpretive map of Mars showing canals and albedo markings.



Source: McLoughlin E.V., Thompson H. 1943. The Book of Knowledge: The Children’s Encyclopedia. Volume 9. p. 3291-2

Note: This series was published from the 1910s to the 1964 in the USA. This page is from the 1943 edition.  This map appeared in several editions. Based on maps of P. Lowell.

“It is suggested that these waterways convey water from the great black patches, which may be huge shallow oceans or lakes, across the sandy red deserts of Mars; or that they bring down water when the sun’s heat in summer dissolves the snow”


(c) 1943 figures and text: The Grolier Society, New York.



In later editions more details were added. (via Pinterest)



Mars (National Geographic)

1973 The Red Planet

  • 36.0ʺ × 22.5ʺ


2012: Destination Mars

  • 1:27.4M
  • 31.25″ x 20.25″




Map of Mars. Photographed at National Geographic Society, Washington, DC.


Shaded relief map plus topographic map (green to yellow-brown colors)

Lambert azimuthal equal area projection.

Publisher. National Geographic Society

Online available

Editor: Matthew W. Chwastyk. Text: Jeremy Berlin. Map edit: Gus Platis. Research: Taryn Salinas. Typeface: Charles Ernest Riddiford

(c) National Geographic Partners


Map of Mars on the National Geography website