Beer and Mädler’s (Maedler) map of Mars (1841)


Publication Date: 1841
Cartographers: W. Beer and J. H. Mädler
Type: albedo map
Publication: Beer W and Mädler JH (1841) Beiträge zur physischen Kenntniss der himmlischen Körper im Sonnensysteme mit 7 Kupfertaf. Weimar. (Title plate)
Comment: W. Beer and J. H. Mädler chose first the dark albedo marking of Sinus Meridiani (labeled “a”) as the “Geenwich” of Mars. It remained the prime meridian to this day.

Image courtesy Ton Lindemann



Courtesy of EA Whitaker


Reprodution in 1878


J. Rambosson (ed) 1878 Astronomy. Translated from French by CB Pitman. Chatto and Windus Piccadilly, London.